The Making of Labyrinth – Ending My Journey

Labyrinth ( A Tribute Album ) First Teaser

The Making of Labyrinth – Week 3

The making of labyrinth – Building a Song

The making of Labyrinth – My Relationship with Labyrinth

The Making of Labyrinth (A Tribute Album ) – Day 1

So i’ve decided to vlog my journey into the Labyrinth. Lets see if I make it out alive.

Dance of the Druids

My cover of the beautiful track from the Starz series, ‘Outlander” Written and composed by Bear McCreary

Become the Beast Music Video

I’m really excited to share this amazing video to my song “Become the Beast” by JÄ™drze and his cast and film crew. What an honor and a dream to see my music bought to cinematic life. I’ve got chills all over.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone involved and good luck entering it in the film festivals. I wish you guys all the best.

The Woman of Balnain

It’s so good to be doing more Outlander music as i’m truly in love with this show and the books by Diana Gabaldon. This song is one of my favourite tracks from the soundtrack by Bear McCreary. I’m also hoping to do a cover of ‘Dance of the Druids” which is another stunningly beautiful song. Stay tuned Sassenachs. xx
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Let No Man Steal Your Thyme

Another beautiful, old Irish/ British ballad that dates back to 1689. It uses botanical symbolism to warn young people of the dangers in taking false lovers.
This song has been performed by an array of artists through the decades from Anne Briggs to the folk-jazz band, Pentangle. I first heard it on the new soundtrack for the upcoming movie adaptation of ‘Far From the Madding Crowd” by Craig Armstrong. The piece is originally sung by the lovely Carey Mulligan. if you love period soundtracks, I’d strongly recommend this one, it’s just gorgeous.