The Houses of Healing

A lovely return to Middle Earth with one of my favourite songs.
Coming soon to iTunes and other platforms.

Shape of You

My take on the brilliant new single by Ed Sheeran
Coming soon to iTunes and other platforms.

How Far I’ll Go

For all those people who love Disney, yay!!
For all those people who have kids and have to listen to this song every day in the car, i’m very, very sorry…maybe just skip this one.

My Heart Will Go On

Coming to iTunes and other platforms soon!

I feel like this song has been a long, long time in the making for me. I’ve attempted it many, many times. One time I actually recorded the whole thing but ultimately didn’t feel like it really stood up as a good tribute to one of the most life-changing songs in my story.
Titanic was my favourite film as a weird, romantic, history obsessed teenager and James Horner my ultimate, favourite composer. I’d loved him since Willow and Braveheart and the soundtrack to Titanic was just…ugh…I still have no words. That movie changed me, that music changed me…
When James died so tragically in a plane crash in 2015, I was totally heartbroken. This genius man’s albums have been on loop my entire life and have given me endless amounts of joy and wonder. He is one of my biggest heroes and inspirations and I’ll never, ever get over his loss.
I actually tried to make a fitting tribute a couple of days after his passing but it was impossible for me. I can’t replicate that magic thing he does and I don’t think I’ll ever try. Making “My Heart Will Go On” is the closest I’ll get to covering his work. The rest of his music is just too untouchable and perfect for me to play with.

Sorry this took me so long but this is for you James, wherever you are, you’re safe in my heart and your music will go on and on.

Jamie’s Song

Hello darling Wolfpack,
6 months ago, a man walked into our house to look at the room we had to rent and I swear to God, he stopped my heart. It’s not been the easiest relationship as this year has been bloody hard but he’s been a pillar of strength to me and I’ve loved him with every drop of love I can give. He’s a rare gem of a man, kind, gentle, strong, generous and funny as hell. He loves every weird part of me and he’s helping me through some really difficult stuff and I love him for it. I’m not an easy girl to be with and I wanted him to know how much he means to me, so anyway Jamie, this is for you.

I love you. xxx

Jamie’s Song

Well I guess
It’s time to tell you, you’re the best
And I confess
Thought I’d turned you off with my PMS
Cause I’m a bit…um…crazy
But you handle me so coolly, smoothly
Not like the rest
So I guess you’re the best

I love that you love me
And my 50 shades of strange
I love your crap Scottish accent
And the silly games we play
These are the funnest days of my life
I think I’ve added 10 new laugh lines
I can’t believe that you’re mine
Gonna fucking love you for the rest of my life

Remember when
We were just roommates on a double date
And I got drunk
Cause you were with her, it was all fucked
But you kept looking at me
This crazy loud lady
Not looking her best
Can’t remember the rest

I love the way you get me, even when I’m weird
And I’ll still love you when you’re spilling milk all down your beard
Because you’re gorgeous in my eyes
Every scar and every laugh line
Can’t believe that you’re mine
Gonna fucking love you for the rest of my life

I love you though
Though I could love you more if you didn’t snore
Like a wild boar
I’m just joking, I’ll take everything
Because I think you’re perfect
Because you’re not perfect
You’re not like the rest
I think you’re the best

I love that you hold me even when I piss you off
I love that you rub my back without ever putting a timer on
The way you look into my eyes
The way your tears merge with mine
I’ve been waiting such a long time
Gonna fucking love you for the rest of my life


I’ve been wanting to make a cover of the amazing late Leonard Cohen’s song for a while now but it’s one of those tracks that you have to feel right for. It’s a raw, aching, celestial, emotional song that requires you to really open your heart up to perform. I hope you all love it as much as I’ve enjoyed making it.
***My distribution company (Loudr) have changed over to a new company so this song isn’t currently available for purchase just yet but I’ll make it available as soon as possible.

The Power of Love

A firm, festive favourite. I know i’m a little early with my Christmas song this year but Loudr decided to publish this surprisingly quickly so i’m just going with it. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy my Celtic take on this gorgeous song. I’ve always loved it and it was beautiful to perform.
Thanks again for all your love and support this year. I love you guys so much. xx
You can purchase this on iTunes (just give it a few hours) or Loudr, Amazon, Google or stream it on Apple Music & Spotify.

70K Subs on You Tube!

Thank you so, so much!!!

Unconstant Lover

Every now and then it’s nice to take it down a few beats and do something really simple and vocally. I Always loved this little ditty on the Gangs of New York soundtrack by Maura O’Connell (fantastic album if anyone’s wondering) and always fancied covering it. I also covered Paddy’s Lamentation from the same album if you’re into this kind of thing.

I Will Find You

A cover of one of my all time favourite movie songs.
Available on iTunes now. Enjoy