Sally’s Song

The Last Unicorn, Ashley Serena, Feat Karliene

Hi Wolfpack!
Today I’m featuring on the beautiful Ashley Serena’s Celtic cover of ‘The Last Unicorn” from the 1982 animation.
I love this girl, to me she’s like a real ‘Disney Princess” with her pure, silky voice and her incredibly lovely personality.
Please take the time to check out her channel and help her grow. She really deserves it.
Thank you so much Ashley, I can’t wait to do another with you. Xx

Why Don’t You Do Right

Kindle My Heart

Once Upon A Dream

I love working with Noud. After our fantastic success with ‘I See Fire’, we couldn’t wait to create our version of “Lana Del Rey’s” haunting “Once Upon A Dream” from the fantastic new Disney movie “Maleficent”

Let it Go

The Ballad of Anne Boleyn, July 14th

Finally finished my passion project, the life of Anne Boleyn told through song.
You can buy this album on July 14th through iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon and Google Play, plus it will be streaming on Spotify.
Hope you guys love it as much as I’ve loved making it.

The Ballad of Anne Boleyn – Teaser – A New Mini Album, Coming Soon !

Dragon Queen (Mhysa )

Never Knew I Had a Heart (Till It Beat for You )

This is my tribute to the amazing BBC show, Sherlock and the “Johnlock” fandom in particular. When I ship, I ship hard!
I feel it, I feel all that emotion between them every time their having eye-sex or arguing over a case, it’s utter torture, i’m screaming at my tv for them to hurry up and kiss!
So, that said, I wrote a song, a love song that said all the things I knew Sherlock wanted to say to John but couldn’t. It was my way of dealing with all my crazy, frustrated feels over this gorgeous non-couple.
I love Johnlock, I want them to happen but who knows?
In a world where being gay is still an issue, it seems unlikely the BBC will go there but us Johnlockers will keep shipping hard till the world changes.

You can purchase this song on CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon or Google Play or just go to the Digital Releases tab here on my website and click on the link.