Inside ‘The Highwayman” – A New Album Coming Soon!

The Highwayman – A New Album Teaser

Music is Magic

When life takes more than I have, music has always replenished. My headphones are my security blanket, my bubble of protection, my source of power and the key to my deepest dreams and desires. Music pushes me harder at the gym. Music can take me time travelling or battling through my own movie where I’m the triumphant hero, ready to take on the world. Music can make me feel the deepest, hardest emotions and make me cry an ocean of tears but afterwards, I always feel better. Music can also cradle and soothe me to a place of peace and tranquility so that I’m able to sleep. Music holds memories, good and bad. Music is a universal language in which we all speak. To put it simply, music is magic. Music has been my favourite thing in the world for as long as I can remember and I love that it’s my job.
When I leave this zone for the next levelling area, I want to go with my headphones on.

The Moment – (Miracle of Sound ft Karliene)

This the moment I’ve been waiting for…
Every now and then you reach a goal or a milestone and one of my goals was to work with my YT hero, Gav, (Miracle of Sound)
This song may be the hardest song I’ve ever sung. It pushed me so far out of my comfort zone but fuck it was awesome. After three days of crying to Jamie that “I suck, it’s too hard, it’s too high, it’s too much for me”, I finally got my shit together and battled that song like my life depended on it. I lost my voice the next day but it was so bloody worth it.
This song will forever remind me that I can do difficult shit and I can achieve my goals.
I can be fucking Wonder Woman if I just stop moaning and start trying.

Wolves of the North

I decided the Starks needed an anthem to rival The Rains of Castamere…so I wrote one.

Part of Your World

So Kids, before Elsa and “Let it Go”, there was Ariel…
This song is the whole reason I ever began singing. I think I pretty much sung this song every single day of my childhood till my poor parents ripped their ears off.

Kings of the Sea

Finally finished watching Season 4 of Vikings over the weekend with Jamie and by 9am Monday morning I was singing and chanting “Oh Odin” and annoying the crap out of my neighbors.
Coming to iTunes and all the other usual places soon!


A little song I wrote last year that I forgot I had. Enjoy.

He Lives in You

Beauty and the Beast

Saw this at the weekend and cried my little heart out. So beautiful!
Coming to iTunes soon.