My Heart Will Go On

Coming to iTunes and other platforms soon!

I feel like this song has been a long, long time in the making for me. I’ve attempted it many, many times. One time I actually recorded the whole thing but ultimately didn’t feel like it really stood up as a good tribute to one of the most life-changing songs in my story.
Titanic was my favourite film as a weird, romantic, history obsessed teenager and James Horner my ultimate, favourite composer. I’d loved him since Willow and Braveheart and the soundtrack to Titanic was just…ugh…I still have no words. That movie changed me, that music changed me…
When James died so tragically in a plane crash in 2015, I was totally heartbroken. This genius man’s albums have been on loop my entire life and have given me endless amounts of joy and wonder. He is one of my biggest heroes and inspirations and I’ll never, ever get over his loss.
I actually tried to make a fitting tribute a couple of days after his passing but it was impossible for me. I can’t replicate that magic thing he does and I don’t think I’ll ever try. Making “My Heart Will Go On” is the closest I’ll get to covering his work. The rest of his music is just too untouchable and perfect for me to play with.

Sorry this took me so long but this is for you James, wherever you are, you’re safe in my heart and your music will go on and on.

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