'Witch' Music Video

Heya guys. So if you remember the stunning, otherworldly music video for my song 'Wolfpack' (which you can find on my channel ) you'll remember Lisa Nova who was the creative genius behind it. She's looking to do it all…

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The Gloom EP

I don't think it's a secret I'd been battling with myself and my music for quite a while. After Christmas, I hit another big wall. Nothing was inspiring me anymore, and the pressure to create and keep my career going…

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Jenny of Oldstones

Jenny of Oldstones is live now on You Tube and will be coming to iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon and other digital platforms very soon. 
I hope you all enjoy this one. It was a beautiful, melancholic, haunting track to…

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Upcoming Music!

So as we all know it's Game of Thrones season so that means I have a lot of fresh, exciting inspo to work with. I'm currently creating my own version of the gorgeous 'Jenny of Oldstones' and will…

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