From the recording The Legend of Anne Bonny

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I still hear the sea
Calling out to me
It's been sixty years or more
I suppose you've come to me
For the story of Anne Bonny

They write that she was
Villainous, infamous
So full of sinfulness
And wickedness
Crazy and scandalous
Void of all conscience
And womanness

I still feel the ship
Rocking under feet
That happy smell of rum and brine
It was all I wished to be
I was free as Anne Bonny

And indeed I was
Villainous, infamous
Full of ambitiousness
And willfulness
Wild and passionate
Like a man I was limitless
And fearless

Oh I'll tell you a tale
Of a pirate queen
A she-wolf who reigned
The Caribbean sea
With a pistol-a-ready
And a cutlass keen
The villainous
Anne Bonny