From the recording The Legend of Anne Bonny

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Jack had spied a prize
Jack had spied a ship
A twelve ton mighty sloop
The William was the pinch

We slipped with muffled oars
Under the guise of night
And when we came aboard
‘Twas not a soul a soul in sight

The fools were down there drinkin’
Down in the ragged tavern
So we took from underneath em
Stole off with ‘The William’

Oh, what an easy prize
Oh, what an easy win
Oh, what a merry high
When we stole ‘The William’

We didn’t foresee the threat
For such an easy win
How we’d come to regret
Stealing ‘The William’

A shadow, a shadow
Was looming
A ship, a ship
Was gaining
And all the men, all the men
Were drinking
A Man-O-War, a Man-O-War
Was gaining