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The Man-O-War
The Man-O-War
Was gaining

The Man-O-War
The Man-O-War
Was gaining

The Man-O-War
The Man-O-War
Was gaining

The Man-O-War
The Man-O-War
Was gaining

We rung the bell
Mary and I
We cried to the men
Who were sleeping inside
All were drunk
On stolen rum
And none came to help us

So shoulder to shoulder
And back to back
Two Pirate Queens braced for attack
We called to the men
I called out to Jack
‘Get up, or I’ll kill you myself’

Then one and two and three and four
We fought the crew
Of the Man-O-War
We fought with force
We fought alone
Until they overpowered us both

With blades to my neck
I looked to my friend
Still fighting them hard
With the last of her strength
I knew it was over
I knew it was the end
All things come to an end

All things come to an end
All is a choice in the end
We can choose to let be
We can yield to the sea
We can choose to be free
But fight endlessly
All things come to an end
But, I chose this end

And so the crew were captured
Thrown in prison
Death by hanging
But Mary and I
Were spared for a time
For our bellies held a child

I asked if I could see him
‘Fore the hanging
My Jack Rackham
But there in the cell
Lay no man, but a shell
And the image cut my heart

I said ‘Ah Jack
I don’t understand
If only you’d fought like a man
But you got us caught
And now you’ll die like a dog

Jack met his end
With a noose round his neck
His body displayed as a warning effect
Though the pain was intense
Not a tear did I shed

They fell for Mary
They fell for Mary
Sister and friend
Until the end

She died in her cell
Flew away with her child
On pearl wings
Like pelicans

I gave birth to a girl
And she had Jack’s eyes

Then one night my cell was left open
Who and why?
I never could answer
Someone saved my life

I walked to freedom
A new life beginning
A new day was dawning
I said goodbye to the sea
And to a part of me
To Anne Bonny