From the recording The White Wolf

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All alone he rides
Where people fear to go
Amber cat-like eyes
Glimmer in shadow

The bruxa and the wraiths
The drowners in the lakes
Beastly humans
Watch him as they wait
Their fate

With the witcher
Heed the witcher
Steel or silver?
Man or monster?

Through the towns he rides
A contract for your gold
This world weary knight
Has seen and fought them all

The griffins and the ghouls
The Witches in the woods
And evil men
Are no match for the wolf
They look

For the witcher
(The bruxa and the wraiths )
Heed the witcher
(The drowners in the lakes )
Steel or silver
(The griffins and the ghouls )
Man or monster
(The witches in the woods )

Heed the witcher
(The trolls and water hags )
Heed the witcher
(The woman and the man )
Steel or silver
(All heed the white wolf )
They’re both for monsters
(All heed the white wolf )