From the recording Titanic's Lament

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I'm dedicating this song to the Titanic and all those poor, brave souls who perished on her 110 years ago. We'll never forget their stories.


Titanic’s Lament

Now there’s silence
In the dark deep
In the stillness

Time has halted
As the world turns
It's still 1912

In the abyss
Rusting palace
She was splendid
Jewel of Ireland

Man’s great ego
Now his sorrow
On the seafloor

In the darkness
Where her ghosts live
Can you hear it?
It’s the music
They’re still

Midst her sinking
Watch her flares fly
Shooting stars
Into the

Night sky
Officers cry
Women, children first
Leave your men behind

Or founder
Oh, the horror
As Titanic sank
In a sea of glass

Nearer, my God, to Thee
Nearer to Thee

Nearer, my God, to Thee
Nearer to Thee

Her lights died
Her souls cried
As all fell
In a sea of ice

Who saw her
Say they
Still, remember
How the

Filled the darkness
Fifteen hundred
Vanished voices

Night stars
Mark her graveyard
Where she’ll always stay
Mid the shoes where once
They lay