Upcoming Music!

So as we all know it's Game of Thrones season so that means I have a lot of fresh, exciting inspo to work with. I'm currently creating my own version of the gorgeous 'Jenny of Oldstones' and will be looking to write something original for Dany and Jon. Not sure how that's going to go yet but i'm playing with some themes and ideas in my head and look forward to fleshing that out more. 

I've pretty much finished a great little bluegrass style song about 'Bonny and Clyde' which I'll wait and release later when GOT hype has died down. I'm really looking forward to sharing it as it's such a fun, raw little track with a catchy as hell chorus. You can check out my making of video which gives you a teaser of the song, Making Bonnie and Clyde

I'm also working on a gorgeous new collab with beautiful Cellist, Roxane Genot. It's a lovely old Celtic ballad which I think you'll all really enjoy. 
You can check out the last collab we did together, Sleepsong on You Tube. Don't forget to subscribe to her beautiful music. She's a rare and wonderous talent. 

I'll keep you all posted!